Bus Services

Dear esteemed customer, please note the new bus lines have been introduced recently and it is a new system the City is implementing. Therefore changes will occur as the system is continuously improved. Thank you for your understanding.

This fall, GIZ conducted the MoveWindhoek Transport Survey on board the City of Windhoek’s municipal bus system, and the results were sobering: almost half of customers rate the bus service as poor. The survey aimed to establish a baseline before the City shifts operations to a network of 14 new lines next year. Over 8 days, a team of six survey staff distributed paper questionnaires on 16 different bus lines. The team achieved a total sample size of 842, out of an estimated 10,000 daily bus passengers; respondents overwhelmingly live in outlying, informal townships such as Otjomuise,...
30 Nov. 2016 by Lucas Conwell
Effective today, 22 November 2016, the City of Windhoek's bus operations will shift back to the previous network of traditional routes and 7 new lines. The new bus network will be reintroduced in 2017.
22 Nov. 2016 by Lucas Conwell
On 14 November, the City of Windhoek introduced its new bus network. 14 lines following fixed schedules completely replaced the existing routes, connecting virtually every suburb with the city centre. Each line runs in both directions every 20-60 minutes from 5:00-9:30 and 13:00-19:00 Monday through Friday; all lines offer Saturday service, and Line 6 also runs until later in the evening from UNAM.
21 Nov. 2016 by Lucas Conwell
Since last Wednesday (22nd June) the Ministry of Works and Transport and City of Windhoek with the support of GIZ and Autohaus Truck and Bus (MAN franchise for Windhoek) are testing an articulated bus for Windhoek ....
23 Jun. 2016 by Gregor Schmorl
Residents of Windhoek have in recent days observed new modern City-Buses passing through their streets. As we already informed you, we have new Buses for Windhoek and they will operate from the 1st February onwards on the new Lines! The City of Windhoek is step by step busy with implementing the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan (SUTMP). The 20 new buses which arrived already in Windhoek are part of the 26 buses that the City has procured. In November 2015, the “Move Windhoek” Project which is a campaign for the SUTMP was launched and the Project was officially handed over to his...
29 Jan. 2016 by Johannah Juepner