Get Involved!

Let's join hands for a better and sustainable urban transport future through developing this Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan in city of Windhoek, Namibia.

The Master Plan is for all of us, hence the decision is taken to develop the plan in a participatory approach. Thus, you should get involved!

We regard everyone's contribution as of at-most important to the Master Plan and would like to ensure that all your comments, needs, worries and ideas are reflected and addressed in the Master Plan.

We want you to get involved in this process, to know your challenges in urban transport in your day-to-day activities. Where do you see room for improvement? How would you like the municipal authority and national government to address these problems? Thus, if you cannot participate in scheduled meetings you are not left out, please take time to browse through the website and make use of the forum to share with us your experience.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement in transport? Are you comfortable with the communication for transport development? Are you in need of any services, which are missing today? Did you find any legal issues which need to be addressed? Or do you want to comment on the ideas of others? Here you can share and discuss your ideas and views.

On the shared map you can mark places for which you have ideas, suggestions or observations regarding the infrastructure of public transport, pedestrians, cyclists or cars. You want to go to work by bus or bike? Show us where lines need improvement. You know some dangerous spots? Show them and make suggestions for improvement. You can also share your point of view to spots highlighted by others.

Social Media

With the public transport we would like to catch the people at their home. If you are a resident of one of the following places you can join as there.