City of Windhoek introduces the new Bus Lines on 1st February 2016

29 Jan. 2016
by Johannah Juepner

Residents of Windhoek have in recent days observed new modern City-Buses passing through their streets. As we already informed you, we have new Buses for Windhoek and they will operate from the 1st February onwards on the new Lines!

The City of Windhoek is step by step busy with implementing the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan (SUTMP). The 20 new buses which arrived already in Windhoek are part of the 26 buses that the City has procured. In November 2015, the “Move Windhoek” Project which is a campaign for the SUTMP was launched  and  the Project was officially handed over to his Worship the Mayor of Windhoek, Cllr. Muesee Kazapua by the Ministers of Urban and Rural Development and Works & Transport.

The new buses will start on NEW LINES from 1st February 2016. Our current routes will continue to service the customers until the entire operation shifts to the Lines permanently.  Customers can already use the new routes while the bus drivers will be trained on the new lines and additional bus stops. As soon as the first new buses operate properly, the current routes will be shifted to the new lines permanently. Service Staffs, wearing a warning vest with Move Windhoek Logo will assist our customers to enter the right bus at the major bus stops.

The first new lines that will be served are:

  • Line 1: Siyanda <–> Rocky Crest
  • Line 2: Goreangab <–> CBS (Wernhil)
  • Line 3: Otjomuise West <–> UNAM
  • Line 4: Havana <–> Avis
  • Line 5: Siyanda <–> Kleine Kuppe
  • Line 6: Okuryangava <–> UNAM
  • Line 11: Okuryangava <–> Prosperita

In the first few weeks of our new operation the timetables are only drafts and will be updated from time to time. Also the timetables shown now on the webpage will be introduces only step by step so that in the beginning we only serve in peak hours and will than shift to the whole day  operations. This development will last approximately until mid of AUGUST 2016 when everything runs as smoothly as it is planned. Please be also aware that the new lines do not run yet as reliable as they will when all the drivers are trained. It needs to be kept in mind that it is a big challenge for the bus operation itself, for the City and for the customers – one should be patient and allow all parties the time needed to learn. As soon as these lines run reliably, Line 8 and Line 12 will be introduced. To provide a frequent service more drivers are needed. Some will be shifted from the current routes, others need to get employed in addition.

We will keep you in the loop about the changes and inform you about everything on our website. The timetables for the 4 new bus lines are already published and you will find them here.


Johannah Juepner

New Bus Lines

Dear simaneka 449,

the new bus lines are different to the old lines in many ways and not only because we are using the new Buses. The old public passenger bus service is facing a number of challenges, chief among them being that the old services are only available from Monday to Friday in early mornings and in the afternoons and are therefore not accessible to the public throughout the day and at week-ends as in most other cities. This fact will change in the future. The buses will operate from Monday to Sunday and also in non-peak hours. Furthermore, there will be interchanges which connect different routes within the city. But the biggest change of all is that the buses are more reliable and drive at a scheduled time!

If you want to have more information about that just read the article: “Move Windhoek introduces new bus lines for Windhoek!” which you will find under that Link: