City of Windhoek introduces new bus network

21 Nov. 2016
by Lucas Conwell

On 14 November, the City of Windhoek introduced its new bus network.  14 lines following fixed schedules completely replaced the existing routes, connecting virtually every suburb with the city centre.  Each line runs in both directions every 20-60 minutes from 5:00-9:30 and 13:00-19:00 Monday through Friday; all lines offer Saturday service, and Line 6 also runs until later in the evening from UNAM.

Instead of directly linking suburbs, all lines will meet at Wernhil, where passengers can transfer between lines to reach their destinations.  Passengers can also transfer at any other stop served by multiple lines.  When transferring, passengers pay only once as long as they keep their receipt. 

This new system will permit more frequent, efficient service, and the fixed, reliable schedules allow passengers to accurately plan their trips while minimizing time spent waiting at stops.