City of Windhoek tests articulated bus for urban transport

23 Jun. 2016
by Gregor Schmorl

Since last Wednesday (22nd June) the Ministry of Works and Transport and City of Windhoek with the support of GIZ and Autohaus Truck and Bus (MAN franchise for Windhoek) are testing an articulated bus for Windhoek urban transport bus operations. The bus is 22 meters long and has a seating capacity for up to 120 passengers plus additional standing passengers.


The test is part of the implementation of the SUTMP (Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan for Windhoek). The idea is to use these high capacity vehicles on main transport corridors to cater for the high demand for bus services during peak hours. The test is being carried out to make sure, that the current infrastructure of Windhoek is adequately dimensioned for such long vehicles. This articulated bus would be an optimum complement to the current bus fleet of Windhoek.