Map of main means of transport used by Windhoekers

04 Feb. 2013
by Anonymous

This map shows which mode of transport the inhabitants of the respective townships use most. The townships marked in purple mostly use cars to move around Windhoek. The people of the townships marked in green mostly use taxis and the inhabitants of the orange townships mainly walk.

On the map you can see that the main means of transport of inhabitants of the townships surrounding the centre and those of the wealthier townships such as Klein Windhoek and Olympia is the car. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the north-western townships such as Katutura and Khomasdal mainly use taxis to get to other spots in Windhoek. A striking feature is that the people living furthermost from the city centre, such as the inhabitants of Havana, mainly walk. Their routes also include long distances to the centre or other wealthier townships.

Map developed and provided by TCP International