School Transport of great importance for Sustainable Urban Transportation

17 Jun. 2014
by Ernst

Two 11 year old girls from Windhoek International School did their final project on School Transportation and held a presentation on their discoveries on 12th of June at Windhoek International School in front of an excited audience, attended also by the Officials from the Move Windhoek Project.

Bruna Djaila Capequel and Tosca Joy Ndina Simon did a comprehensive project that consisted of a research, analysis, PowerPoint-presentation, exhibition as well as a self-developed and choreographed dance, related to the topic of School Transportation. The two girl presented fascinating results.

Within the research they investigated the modes of transportation used by their fellow students in order to get to school and discovered that the vast majority of kids is brought to school by car. Only a marginal number of students are using non-motorized or public transportation. In Addition they conducted a traffic census on elected main roads near schools, being able to proof the significant correlation between school days and high traffic volume. Reasons for the little use of public or non-motorised transportation turned out to be mainly safety and availability.

Accompanied by a research on climate change and the negative effects of motorized transportation the two conducted a colourful presentation on the results of their research. They also approached the City of Windhoek to analyse the challenges the city is facing with transportation and its strategy to develop sustainable urban transportation.

To visualize their results and further information on the topic both created a miniature wooden bus stop and decorated it with a colourful exhibition on their project as well as the the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan (SUTMP).

Their final dance led to enthusiastically applause by the audience. Clarence Rupingena, Manager of Public Transport at the City of Windhoek congratulated the “two new transportation planners” for their good work.