Tourism Expo inspired our shared vision-Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan

09 Jun. 2017
by Eli-zette Nangolo

Tourism Expo 2017

Thank you for having visited our stand at Tourisms Expo, Show Ground in Windhoek from 31stMay to 3rd June 2017. We had overwhelming interactions, speaking engagement and of cause constrictive critics with our visitors.  What stood out for Move-Windhoek is that our visitors really like the new bus that was on display, which also forms part of 26 buses that the City of Windhoek with assistance from GIZ procured in 2016.  Universal accessibility, comfortability for passengers and drivers, and general optimum conducive environment such as safety are some of fascinating features that made our visitors appealing for more buses of this type. Visitors were enlightened on Municipal bus network and its operation. What is more encouraging is that the visitors with and without international experience of public transport  were able to understand how bus service works, what it has achieved to date and what the City of Windhoek intend to do in near future with appropriate resources in order to have effective and efficient Urban Public Transport Service.

Thank you for inspiring our shared vision: inclusive and sustainable transport system that meets the needs of our diverse and growing city; efficient, affordable, reliable, accessible and safe.

We value public participation in urban public transport service as we promote sustainable decisions, so that participants are provided with the information they need to ensure that their meaningful involvement and input affect our shared vision.

Those who had already registered your interests in any area of our services at Expo, please come back to us. We would also be happier to hear your suggestion, inputs and any constructive critics in any area of Bus Service and Sustainable Urban Public Transport Master Plan”.