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Good news for all users of Windhoek’s bus system: The City of Windhoek has uploaded the current bus schedule for the entire city. Users can now easily determine their routes as well as departure and arrival times with one click at home, or make use of their smart-phones while being on the move...

20 Feb. 2014 by Anonymous

For the people behind the SUTMP, its launch has not meant that their work is done – rather the contrary is true as they have ever since been more and more busy planning, organising and putting into effect what they brought to paper the year before. The launch of the plan has only been a small...

19 Feb. 2014 by Anonymous

A master plan is a planning tool used by city and urban transport planners. As its name indicates, a master plan serves as a integrative and holistic guideline for public planners. As such, the master plan gives a broad orientation for all planners and designers and sets a framework,...

12 Feb. 2014 by Anonymous

The City of Windhoek is happy to announce that two additional bus trips for students will be added to the afternoon’s regular schedule. On weekdays, buses are now departing at 14:45, 16:45, 19:45 and 21:45. Students of UNAM, Polytechnic and IUM Dorado Campus have now a greater choice for their...

11 Feb. 2014 by Anonymous

Capacity Building for Sustainable Urban Transport (CAPSUT) is an international platform, dedicated to capacity building in sustainable urban transport. It has been created, maintained by GIZ-SUTP (Sustainable Urban Transport Project) and has contributions from various partners worldwide that...

04 Feb. 2014 by Anonymous

With much enthusiasm 40 officers of the Windhoek City Police and the Namibian Police Force recently took part in a special one-week training workshop on Road Safety held in Windhoek. The workshop was conducted by Dirk Rahmann and Jörg Klein of the German police force with support of GIZ...

03 Feb. 2014 by Anonymous
The United Nations has designated the first Monday of October every year as World Habitat Day. The purpose of World Habitat Day is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities and the basic right of all to adequate shelter. It is also intended to remind the world that we all have responsibility...
07 Nov. 2013 by Nora
Move Windhoek photo shooting
How is it possible to manage the prospective increasing amount of traffic in Windhoek, Namibia? The recently launched Sustainable Urban Master Plan for Windhoek (SUTMP) describes its detailed approach in a comprehensive document. But the developers faced also a different challenge: Is it possible...
04 Oct. 2013 by Nora

Providing affordable, safe and efficient mobility in Namibia's capital is the objective of the Move Windhoek Project.

16 Sep. 2013 by Lars Stiebenz
Munich is looking forward to hosting the “XIV International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities“ from 11 – 13 September. Walk21 is the most significant conference on walking and public space worldwide. It will make its German debut in Munich this year under the motto “Walking Connects...
20 Aug. 2013 by frederikstrompen
The state police of Saarland was one of the destinations for the Minister of Works and Transport, Hon. Erkki Nghimtina, during his offical visit in Germany. The Namibian Delegation was welcomed by Monica Bachmann, the Minister of Interior and Sports.
09 Jul. 2013 by Nora
On invitation of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH the Minister of Works and Transport Erkki Nghimtina is currently in Germany to visit successful public transport, road safety, traffic engineering and university projects.
24 Jun. 2013 by frederikstrompen
Major honour for the Ministry of Works and Transport and the City of Windhoek. On 26 May 2013 Clarence Uatjavi Rupingena , Manager Public Transport in the City of Windhoek, received on behalf of the Move Windhoek Project the UITP Africa Grow with Public Transport Award for Integrated Mobility at...
20 Jun. 2013 by frederikstrompen
Mr. Clarence Rupingena will represent the MoveWindhoek team at the United Nations conference on the Implementation Process of Rio+20 in Berlin on the 20th of June 2013.
13 Jun. 2013 by frederikstrompen
Gerrit is one of the organisers of the Cycle to Work Day and a strong promoter of Cycling in Namibia. He highly believes that cycling is an option for everybody, being sport cyclists and/or every day commuters. Read here his views and experience with the first International Cycling Day in Namibia...
29 May. 2013 by Kauluma

The Figure above shows the current condition of the local economy in terms of costs of transport. As shown, roughly 87% of the populations are considered “low-income earners”, who can hardly afford to purchase a car. 52% of the low income earners can also hardly afford public transportation, as...

14 May. 2013 by frederikstrompen
Picture Taken by Robert Riethmüller
The Cycle to Work ride will begin at 07h00 Friday, the 17th of May at the Parking Area in front of Maerua Superspar. The route will continue through the CBD, passing through Katutura and return back at Maerua Superspar.
14 May. 2013 by frederikstrompen

Actual plan (changes may follow, stay tuned!!):
Cyclists meet  07h00 in the Hilton Parking lot. From there they will cycle under controlled circumstances with a police escort (City Police on Bicycles) to Maerua Mall, return via Jan Jonker road, pedal all the way along Independence...

03 May. 2013 by Anonymous

Movewindhoek: Please tell us something in general about your work in the Directorate for Transportation Policy. What are your tasks and responsibilities?


25 Apr. 2013 by Anonymous

1.      Move Windhoek: Dear Prof. Semar, please tell us...

07 Mar. 2013 by Anonymous

In progression of the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan, the City of Windhoek, Ministry of Works and Transport together with the Consultants had a consultation meeting on the 4th February 2013, with the City of Rehoboth to inform the Rehoboth councillors about the plan and status of the...

07 Feb. 2013 by Anonymous

This map shows which mode of transport the inhabitants of the respective townships use most. The townships marked in purple mostly use cars to move around Windhoek. The people of the townships marked in green mostly use taxis and the inhabitants of the orange townships mainly walk.

On the...

04 Feb. 2013 by Anonymous
pedestrians crossing a robot safely

Non-motorized transport refers to walking, cycling, and variants such as wheelchair, scooter and handcart use.

Non-motorized transport plays an important and unique role in an efficient transport system. It provides basic mobility, affordable transport, access to motorized modes,...

18 Jan. 2013 by Anonymous
Click on the following link to see an interactive map of the current public transport network in Windhoek:

10 Jan. 2013 by Anonymous