The Namibian - Catherine Sasman, 5 Sep 2012

Increasing traffic congestion in Windhoek's streets is to be addressed by an urban transport master plan for the next 20 years to bring about an urgent and sustainable shift from private to public transport use.

Namibian Sun, 5 Sep 2012

A one-day stakeholders’ workshop on the ‘Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan for the City of Windhoek’ was held in the capital yesterday.

The Namibian, 14 Aug 2012

Namibia's Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) is lobbying for special cycling paths in and around Windhoek.

The Namibian - Selma Shipanga, 12 Jun 2012

The Windhoek City Police have called for the establishment of a Taxi Driver Academy to 'change driver behaviour' and to help reduce accidents. The call was made on Sunday at a meeting between the City Police and taxi drivers.

Namibian Sun, 15 Feb 2011

The City of Windhoek, in the aftermath of the violent taxi demonstrations, focused on the need for the provision of facilities to the public transport system, particularly as regards commuting within Windhoek and its residential areas as well as between it and other cities and towns.

Namibian Sun, 27 Jan 2011

Certainly in all the big cities in South Africa, and also in most of Europe and India as well as many other countries, municipalities and/or provincial governments have long appreciated the virtues of an efficient and cheap public transport system.

Namibian Sun, 6 Dec 2010

The new City of Windhoek public buses are finally operational and since late November, city residents are enjoying the service they provide.


A master plan to guide the exuberant growth of traffic and congestion in Namibia’s capital city Windhoek, has finally been unveiled. Currently, road deaths and pedestrian fatality figures are frightening. On 5 September, government ministers and City of Windhoek officials launched the Sustainable...


Today the City of Windhoek and its partners hold a workshop at the Katutura Community Hall on Willybart Kapuenene Street as from 09h00 where it will disseminate information regarding the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan (SUTMP).


The City of Windhoek’s inadequate non-motorised transport and public transportation has become a key challenge for sustainable development in the capital.


The taxi strike might be over for now, but the drivers might just repeat the stunt in about four weeks time if one has to take their word seriously. The inconvenience that was caused by the so-called taxi strike, especially to school-going children and other commuters, has resuscitated the dire...